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SFCC Web Dev. Recruitment Page

The aim was to create a visually stunning and enticing experience for potential recruits. Balancing aesthetics with functionality in order to showcase and represent the brand and the company, to show its appeal and boldness, while also focusing on the necessity of the landing page to hook its users onto the open position being presented as they scroll through the page.


Carefully choosing colors, typography, and imagery to create a cohesive visual language that aligns with the brand identity.  Focusing on optimizing the page's layout and navigation to ensure a seamless user journey.


By employing intuitive user interface and a well thought-out user experience through the use of animations and interactive elements, Each design element was meant to capture attention and drive conversions. The result is a landing page that not only engages and informs but also incites action.

Year: 2022

Type: Landing Page

Tools: Figma, Photoshop

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